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Welcome to the Toca Life World FAQ, your go-to resource for all things related to this attractive digital play world. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the Toca Life universe, this guide aims to answer your basic questions and provide insights into the endless possibilities offered by Toca Life World. From exploring vibrant locations to creating unique stories and characters, let’s dive into the world of creativity, imagination, and fun.

Toca Life FAQs

General FAQs

How old is Toca Life World?

Toca Life World was released on November 21, 2018, by Toca Boca Inc., very famous for creative games for children. Now Toca life is almost 6 years old.

How to Redeem your code in Toca Life?

To use code or redeem them you need to open your store i.e. Google Play Store or App Store depending on your device. Tap the menu button in Android or Tap the Redeem button at the bottom in the Apple App Store. Enter your code and redeem.

How much is the Mega Pack in Toca Life World?

Mega Pack is currently at 40% off and now is $74.99, Super Market Pack $19.99, Outdoor Pack $9.99, and Character Creator $7.99. If you’re a person with a low budget and want to test these packs for free, you can download the modified version of the game from our website.

Mega Pack

Are there regular updates for Toca Life World?

Yes, Toca Life World receives regular updates with new locations, characters, and features to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting.

Can I transfer my progress between devices in Toca Life World?

Yes, if you have an account with Toca Life World, you can sync your progress across multiple devices. If you are a player of other Toca Boca games, then you can also merge other game performances into Toca Life World.

Is there any limit on items or characters I can have in Toca Life World?

Toca Life World allows you to have a large number of characters and items in your collection, but there may be technical limitations based on your device’s memory and storage capacity.

Gameplay FAQs

How do you record in Toca Life World?

While playing the game, a blue icon will appear on the top right corner of the screen. It will allow you to record. This feature allows you to record anything you do on screen and also your microphone. Press the button and Kids can record their stories for memorable moments to share on social platforms.

Record in Toca Life World

How to make clothes in the Toca Life World?

This game doesn’t limit anyone to built-in designs or costumes. Players can make the clothes and costumes of their own choice by utilizing tools to mix and match different tops, bottoms, shoes, and accessories to create unique looks. Use different accessories for color customization, and layering with full use of your imagination. Take screenshots and share them with your social circle and different forums for more fun.

Does Toca Life World offer any seasonal or themed events?

Toca Life World may host seasonal events or introduce themed content updates to coincide with holidays or special occasions. These events also have new challenges and rewards for regular players.

How many gems are there in Toca Life World?

Gems and diamonds are scattered throughout the game in different locations. Players may find them by tapping on usual items, closets, lockers, etc. There is no exact number of Gems or diamonds in the game. You can read the full article on Gems and Diamonds in Toca Life World and where to find them.

Gems in Toca Life World (

Additional FAQs

Can you restore purchases on Toca Life World?

Yes, you can restore purchases in Toca Life World if you’ve previously made purchases but they aren’t showing up in your game. Here’s how you can do it:

Make sure you’re logged in to the same app store account. Launch the Toca Life World app on your device. Look for the store or shop icon within the game. It’s usually located in the main menu or in a designated area where you can access additional content. Inside the store, there should be an option to “Restore Purchases”. Tap on this option. Depending on your device and app store, you may be prompted to verify your identity. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

Can I share my feedback or suggestions with the developers of Toca Life World?

Yes, Toca Life World welcomes feedback and suggestions from players. You can reach out to the developers through their official website or social media channels.

Is there a storyline or narrative to follow in Toca Life World, or is it purely open-ended play?

Toca Life World offers open-ended play, allowing players to create their own stories and adventures without a predetermined script or story. However, some locations may feature various storytelling elements or connections.


Due to a very wide fan following and more than 100M+ downloads, people wanna ask different questions. I tried to cover some basic and average questions about this game. Feel free to ask any others in the comment section.

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