Toca Boca Awards and Honors: Celebrating Excellence in Children’s Apps

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Toca Boca, a popular digital toy and game development studio known for its creative and engaging apps for children, has received numerous awards and honors since its inception. These awards recognize the company’s excellence in creating high-quality, safe, educational digital experiences for kids. Here’s a detailed overview of the significant awards and honors Toca Boca has won over the years.

Toca Boca Awards

Parents’ Choice Awards

Gold Award (2012)

Toca Boca received the prestigious Gold Award from the Parents’ Choice Foundation for their app “Toca Hair Salon.” This award is given to products that meet the highest standards of quality and play value in children’s media.

App Store Best of the Year

Best of 2011

Apple featured Toca Boca’s apps in its “App Store Best of 2011” list, recognizing the innovative and entertaining nature of their games.

Best of 2012

Several Toca Boca apps, including “Toca Kitchen” and “Toca House,” were highlighted in Apple’s annual roundup of the best apps.

Best of 2013

The tradition continued with “Toca Builders” and other apps making it to the “Best of 2013” list.

Children’s Technology Review (CTR) Editor’s Choice Awards

Editor’s Choice Award (Multiple Years)

Toca Boca has consistently been recognized by CTR for its outstanding digital products. Notable apps like “Toca Band” and “Toca Tailor” have received this award, which honors exceptional children’s technology products.

KAPI (Kids at Play Interactive) Awards

Best App for Younger Children (2013)

Toca Boca won this award for their app “Toca Hair Salon 2,” which was praised for its creativity and ability to engage young children.

Toca Hair Saloon (

Best App for Younger Children (2016)

Toca Nature received this award, highlighting the app’s innovative approach to teaching children about nature and the environment.

BAFTA Children’s Award

Interactive – Adapted (2013)

Toca Boca’s “Toca Kitchen” won the BAFTA Children’s Award in this category, recognizing its interactive and educational qualities.

Toca Kitchen 2 (

iKids Awards

Best Mobile App for Kids (2014)

“Toca Builders” was honored as the Best Mobile App for Kids, acknowledging its creativity and fun gameplay.

LEGO Tower(

Best Mobile App for Kids (2015)

“Toca Lab” won this award, celebrating its unique approach to teaching kids about science and experimentation.

Webby Awards

Webby Award for Family & Kids (2014)

Toca Boca’s website won this award for its user-friendly design and rich content tailored for children and their parents.

People’s Voice Award for Family & Kids (2015)

The app “Toca Nature” received the People’s Voice Award, indicating a strong preference from the public for its engaging and educational content.

National Parenting Product Awards (NAPPA)

NAPPA Gold Winner (2015)

Toca Life World was awarded the NAPPA Gold, one of the highest honors for family-friendly products.

BOP City

The Lovie Awards

Gold Winner for Mobile Apps – Family & Kids (2015)

Toca Boca’s apps have been repeatedly recognized by the Lovie Awards, highlighting their excellence in mobile app design and functionality for children.


Toca Boca’s commitment to creating high-quality, engaging, and educational apps for children has been consistently recognized through numerous awards and honors. These awards not only celebrate the creativity and innovation of Toca Boca’s products but also underscore their dedication to providing safe and valuable digital experiences for kids.

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