How to Enter Codes in Toca Life World 2024

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Toca Life World is a world of fun and creativity for kids to explore different worlds and create their own stories. One of the exciting and special features of the game is to enter codes in Toca Life World to unlock special features and surprises. If you’re a beginner or starting the game from scratch, here is a guide on how to enter codes in Toca Life World in 2024.

Open Toca Life World

First, you need to install Toca Life World from a reputable source. You can access the Play Store or our website to download Toca Life World for some extended and unlocked features for free. Install the game and open it.

Access the Gift Area

Now it’s time to access the gift area to enter codes. Gift areas are the places that allow players to enter codes for various surprises and gifts. To do this follow these steps:

  • Go to the main screen, where you can see all the locations of Toca Life World and locate the post office.
  • The gift area is located inside the post office. Look for a building with the main symbol on it.
Post Office in toca life world

Enter the Post Office

Now that you have found the post office, it’s time to locate the gift machine. Inside, you’ll see various characters and objects. Look around until you find the gift machine. It’s usually easy to spot because of its bright, colorful design.

Interact with the Gift Machine

Now that you’re in the Post Office and have found the gift machine, it’s time to enter your code. Follow these steps:

Tap on the gift machine
This will open up a new screen where you can enter codes.

Gift Machine

Enter your code
You’ll see a text box or a keypad where you can type in your code. Be sure to enter it exactly as you received it, including any special characters or numbers.

Confirm the code
After entering the code, there should be a button to confirm or submit. Tap this button to see if the code is valid.

Claim Your Reward
The gift machine will dispense a special item or surprise if the code you entered is valid. This could be anything from new outfits for your characters to unique furniture items for your world. The reward will usually appear on the screen, and you can drag it into your inventory or place it directly in your world.

Unlimited Gifts

Tips for Using Codes

Keep codes safe
Codes can sometimes be found in promotional materials, special events, or given as rewards. Please keep track of any codes you receive so you can use them later.

Check for updates
Toca Life World frequently updates with new content, including new codes. Ensure your app is updated to the latest version to take advantage of the latest features and codes.

Follow official channels
Follow Toca Boca’s official social media channels and website for announcements of new codes and special events.


If you have trouble entering a code or the code isn’t working, here are a few things you can try:

Double-check the code
Make sure you’ve entered the code correctly. Making a mistake is easy, especially with long or complex codes.

Check expiration dates
Some codes may have expiration dates or be limited-time offers. Ensure the code is still valid.

Restart the game
Sometimes, simply restarting the game can resolve issues with entering codes.

Final Words

Toca Life World is more fun when it comes to unlocking different items by using codes. These codes offer various items from unlocking different outfits to many surprises as well. Following these instructions, you can quickly enter codes and enjoy their rewards. Watch for new codes and events to maximize your Toca Life World experience.

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