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Discover Toca Life Worlds Hidden Secrets and Up Your Game

Toca Life World is more than just an outstanding game with quirky characters. This game is packed with hidden treasures and secrets waiting for you to enhance its magical gameplay. Some surprising interactions waiting for clever and eagle-eyed players. Ready to be a Toca Life superstar? Check out these secret tips and tricks.

Seek Out Surprises

Mysterious Mailbox
Did you know your apartment has a working mailbox? Sometimes you’ll find gifts delivered there.

Mailbox - Toca Life World

The Bushy Cover-up
In Bop City, tap on the bushes near the small hill. A secret compartment will open, perfect for hiding items of a mini treasure hunt.

Dance Floor Activation
Can you see the radio in the park? Tap it to turn it into a disco party, complete with lights.

Uncovering The Hidden Items

BOP City Tree
Head into the park, you will see a tree. Tap the tree branches and it will bring down colorful eggs. 

BOP City

Robot Secrets
You may go to the tech-filled post office and play with the scanner above the conveyor belt. You might uncover some hidden robot figures.

Slothful Storage
Go and Find the “No Sloth” poster in the storage area. Behind it hides a fun sloth costume for your quirky characters.

Uncovering The Hidden Items

Wear Anything
Drag unusual items that you don’t wear like Dustbin. Put it into your character and see crazy results. 

Wear Anything - Toca Life World

Giant Meals
Hold any food item over another. You may cause hilarious-sized snacks.

Giant Meals - Toca Life World

Plant Person
Put your character head into any flowering plant and it will cause plant-based hair.

Plants - Toca Life World

Uncovering The Hidden Items

Rain Dance
Tap the clouds in the sky to make it rain. Now, place a watering can outside and observe what happens!

Hair Dye Mix-Ups
You can try an experiment by putting different foods and objects in the hair salon’s dye machine. The color results are often hilarious and sometimes a bit strange.

Hair Dye - Toca Life World

Firework Fountain
Light a sparkler and then place it in the fountain at the park for a surprise!

Location-Specific Secrets

Hidden Attic
In your first house, tap on the framed painting. A ladder drops down, leading to a secret attic space.

Airport Extras
You can place your characters on the airport’s luggage conveyor belt. Watch them travel through the hidden sorting area.

Stage Transformations
At the theatre, experiment with pulling the different levers backstage. They change the stage setup and create new dramatic scenes.

Bonus Character

Ghost Friends
Turn off the lights and sometimes you’ll spot glowing ghost figures floating around.

Shake It
Try shaking your device. Some objects in the world might have unexpected results.

Hidden Totems
Some specific areas have strange totem statues. Offer them food and see if they react.

Hidden Totems - Toca Life World

Extra Tricks

Two-Finger Zoom
You may zoom in and out with two fingers to see the details and closer looks in your world.

Gift Machine
Go to your post office and spend coins to find new surprise items for your characters.

Quick Travel
Tap on the yellow taxi icon in the bottom corner for fast travel between locations.

Final Words

Toca Life World rewards curiosity and creation as exploration is the key. Interact, tap, and experiment with random objects! You never know what you might uncover.

Have you found any other hidden secrets in Toca Life World? Share your findings in the comments below!

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