How to Find Sloth Skull in Toca Life World

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Toca Life World is an amazing mobile game very popular for educational benefits for kids. It’s designed for kids to live in an imaginary world and do what they want. One of the exciting features of Toca Life World is finding hidden items that carry different features to boost the excitement of the game. Among these items, the sloth skull is one of my favorites due to its mysterious nature. If you’re having trouble finding a sloth skull, don’t worry, I’m here to help you step by step.

Understanding the Toca Life World

It’s essential to understand some basics of Toca Life World before finding the sloth skull. This game combines several locations from the Toca Life series into one expansive world. Players can explore settings like schools, offices, shopping malls, and parks. Each location is packed with interactive elements and hidden items.

The Appeal of Hidden Items

Toca Life World becomes more engaging and exciting when it comes to Hidden items. These items often require players to solve puzzles or different tasks and follow clues, which adds an element of challenge to the game. It’s kind of rewarding to find these hidden items for kids. It also provides a sense of accomplishment and adds some more enjoyment to the game.

Toca Life World

Sloth Skull Location

Let’s get to the main point of finding the sloth skull. The sloth skull is hidden in the Haunted House location. If you don’t have access to this specific area, you may have to go through in-app purchases or you can try the modded version for fully unlocked everything to give it a try. It may also unlock by completing specific in-game tasks.

Steps to find the sloth skull

Go to Haunted House
Open the game and navigate to the Haunted House. This mysterious location is filled with ghost-like characters and look-alike items. These things make this a perfect place to hide the required item.

Haunted House

Enter the House
Enter the haunted house and you’ll find it divided by many rooms and creepy decorations as well. There can be some hiding spots as well.

Look for the Fire Place Room
One of the Main rooms of the Haunted House is the room with a large Fireplace. This room is crucial for finding the sloth skull.

Room in haunted house

Inspect the Fireplace
After approaching the Fireplace, you have to tap on it. You might need to move some objects around to reveal a hidden compartment. The sloth skull is often hidden inside or behind the fireplace, so must search it thoroughly.

Check Nearby Shelves
Check the shelves and nearby furniture as well if the fireplace doesn’t yield the skull. Sometimes sloth skulls can be found on book shelves behind the books or other items.

By applying all these you must have found a sloth skull.

Tips for Finding Hidden Items

Sometimes it’s tricky to find hidden items in Toca Life World. Here are a few tips to help you in your research:

  • Tap on every item you can. Hidden items are often behind these places you wouldn’t expect.
  • Don’t just look at the items, move them around. Hidden items and compartments are often behind or under these objects.
  • Sometimes, the game provides you with audio or visual clues to help you find hidden items. Pay attention to these hints with focus.
  • Don’t get frustrated too soon. Finding hidden items may be tricky sometimes but fruitful if you can wait a bit.
Hidden items


Toca Life World is more engaging with the help of hidden items. It’s more like a challenge to find these. One of the exciting hidden items is a sloth skull which can be found in the Haunted House location. You will likely uncover these items with the help of the provided article. Remember to interact with everything, move objects, see through them, and enjoy the discovery process. Happy hunting and enjoy your adventures as well.

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