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Toca Life World Gameplay Guide for New Players

If you love creativity and want to build a story with unlimited imagination digitally, the toca life world is waiting for you. This amazing game is a world of creativity and mashes up the best of the Toca Life series into one mega-world, bursting with locations to explore, characters to meet, and stories begging to be told.

Welcome to BOP City

Your Toca Life World journey begins in the bustling Bop City. It consists of eight initial locations, including a hair salon, shopping mall, and food court, you’ll find yourself being thrown into a world of possibilities. But Toca Life World is ever-expanding. Expanding new locations opens up fantastical settings like cozy houses, pet hotels, bustling airports, and much more!

BOP City (

Meet Your Zany Crew

You’ll never run out of amazing personalities as this game provides 500 customizable character personalities at your fingertips to explore. Show your creativity by styling their hair in wild colors, dress them in mismatched outfits, and even give them funny pets, the only limit is your imagination.

Characters-Toca Life MOD APK (

Tell Your Story

Toca Life World will not hand you a written script. You are handed over unlimited tools to be your storyteller. Do you want to host a beach party? Sure! Wanna film an epic heist movie? Hosting a cooking show? Grab everything you want as there is no wrong play.

Build Your Dream World

Toca Life World designer tools let you put the stamp on every corner of the world to make it your own. Paint walls in multiple colors, rearrange furniture, add plants, and design houses, shops, or anything else you dream of.

Build Your World (

Tips for Newbies

Start Exploring by Self

The best and fastest way to learn is by doing! Hop around locations, open cupboards, and see what items you can find.

Hidden Secrets

Toca Life World is full of fun surprises. Keep an eye out for objects you can interact with in unexpected ways.

Talk to Characters

Each character has a unique personality. See how they respond when you give them gifts or bring them to different locations.

Talk to Characters (

Don’t Be Afraid to Experiment

There’s no “losing” in this game, just endless opportunities to be silly and have fun!

Wrapping Up

Toca Life World is an ever-growing world of unlimited creativity and self-expression. So, what are you waiting for? Dive in and see what amazing stories you’ll create!

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