How to Find Secret Crumpets in Toca Life World

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Crumpets are cute little creatures that show up in the Toca Life games. You can find them hiding in different places like trees or under stuff, or you can even call them to you. Each crumpet looks different depending on where you find it. In this guide, I’ll cover how to find secret crumpets in Toca Life World.

Secret Crumpets in Toca Life World (

Crumpets in Bop City

Tailor: Go to the left side where there are clothes stacked up. Look for a gray beanie with eyes. Move one stack of clothes to find the crumpet.
Storage Area: Find the big manhole and swipe up or to the side to find a crumpet.

Bop City Crumpets

Summoning Crumpets

Nari from Toca Life Stories came up with the idea of summoning crumpets. You can use certain items and ask for help from mascots to summon them. Leon, Nari, Rita, and Zeke can summon these crumpets.

Summoning Crumpets

Crumpets in OK Street

Crumpet Junkyard: Nine crumpets are hiding in the Junkyard. They’re hiding in places like amps, fridges, and even inside boxes.

Apartments: Two crumpets are in the Apartments. You can find them by pressing buttons hidden behind metal panels.

Activity House: Look for an air vent on the first floor. Press the button inside to find a crumpet.

Central Station: Find a big seat with a clock. Remove the gem above the clock to reveal a crumpet.

OK Street High: On the third floor, check out the Study Area. There’s a crumpet hiding in a cabinet.

Crumpets in Toca Life World

Crumpets in Tiptop Tops

Vending Machine: Look inside the vending machine to find a crumpet.

Crumpets in Lettuce Lands

Stable Grounds: There’s a crumpet in a shop set up next to a yellow van. Look for a little room carved out of a tree trunk.
Barn: Open a door next to some animal pens to find another crumpet.

Crumpets in Omelette Islands

Airport: Check out the reception area to find a crumpet in a vending machine.

Crumpets in Pom-Pom Peaks

Mountain Cabin: Look under the Christmas tree to find an elf crumpet.

( Crumpets

Crumpets in Biscuit Town

Pet Hotel: In the last pet house, you’ll find a small dog-like crumpet.

Crumpets in Busy Plaza

Waterfront Surf Shop: Underwater, you’ll find a door along the wall. Tap it to find a crumpet.
Aquarium: Look in the lab area for a crumpet in a jar.

Secret Crumpets

Crumpets in Vox Valley

Watermelon Wave Club: Check out the aerobics room on the first floor to find a crumpet.

Crumpets in Morning Meadows

Haunted House: Dig in front of the gravestone to find a zombie crumpet.

Crumpets in Creator’s District

Character Creator: In the zen garden, tap the foliage behind the big butterfly to find a zen crumpet.

Other Crumpets

Some secret crumpets have been shown but aren’t in the game yet. They look cool though, like one with a colorful hat, one with red ears, and even a panda crumpet!

Crumpets in Other Media

You can find crumpets in places other than Toca Life World. Sometimes they come as little figures in subscription boxes, like Botpet, which is a special crumpet you can also get in the game.

Botpet Crumpet

My Verdict on Trumpets

Crumpets add a delightful touch to the Toca Life World, offering players a fun and engaging aspect to explore within the game’s diverse environments. Whether they’re hiding in Bop City, OK Street, or any other location, discovering these cute creatures adds an extra layer of excitement to gameplay. From summoning them with special items to uncovering them in unexpected places, the quest to find all the crumpets becomes a rewarding adventure for players of all ages.

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