How to Unlock All Places in Toca Life World for Free on Android

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Toca Life World is a fun and creative game that allows players to explore different places and create their own stories. However, not all places are unlocked when you first start the game. This guide will show you how to unlock all the places in Toca Life World for free on your Android device. Let’s explore the steps without any complications.

Step-by-Step Guide

Understand the Game’s Structure
Toca Life World combines various locations from other Toca Life games into one big world. You can buy additional places with real money, but there are ways to get them for free.

Use In-Game Rewards
The game offers in-game rewards that can be used to unlock places. Here’s how you can maximize these rewards:

Gems in Toca Life World (

Daily Gifts
Log in every day to receive daily gifts. Sometimes, these gifts can be special items or even new places.

Tasks and Quests
Complete daily tasks and quests. They often provide coins or special items that can be used to unlock places.

Participate in Events
Toca Life World frequently hosts events where you can earn free items and places. Keep an eye on the game’s event calendar and participate in these events to earn free rewards.


Watch Ads
Watching ads might not be the most fun activity, but it’s an easy way to get free stuff in many games. Toca Life World sometimes offers you the option to watch ads in exchange for coins or items.

Third-Party Apps and Offers
Several third-party apps offer rewards in the form of gift cards or in-game currency for completing surveys, downloading other apps, or watching videos. Apps like Google Opinion Rewards can provide you with Google Play credits that you can use to purchase places in Toca Life World.

Promo Codes
Keep an eye out for promo codes from the developers. These codes can sometimes be found on their social media pages or through special announcements. Redeem these codes in the game to unlock new places.

Promo Codes

Join Online Communities
Join online communities and forums dedicated to Toca Life World. Members often share tips, tricks, and sometimes even promo codes. Being part of a community can help you stay updated with the latest ways to unlock places for free.

Update the Game Regularly
Make sure you keep the game updated. Developers often add new content and ways to earn free places in updates. An outdated game version might miss out on these new features. Bookmark our website ( for the latest version. We update the game regularly.

BOP City

Check for Seasonal Offers
During holidays and special seasons, the game may offer free places or heavy discounts. Keep an eye on these seasonal offers to take advantage of them.

Use Third Party Mods
While it might be tempting to use hacks or illegal methods to unlock places, it’s not recommended. But if you still wanna give it a try, you must test it at your risk. Always download from a trusted source. We provide the latest version of Toca Life World and it’s tested regularly.


Unlocking all places in Toca Life World for free on Android is possible with a bit of patience and effort. By using in-game rewards, participating in events, watching ads, and utilizing third-party apps, you can expand your Toca Life World without spending real money. Remember to stay updated with the game and participate in the community to make the most out of these opportunities. Enjoy exploring and creating in your ever-growing Toca Life World.

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