Top Alternatives to Toca Life World 2024

Toca Life World/Toca Boca Games

Toca Life World has proven itself as the best educational and learning game for kids and also won the best game award in 2021. This educational masterpiece lets children explore what they want and create their world in the style they want. Toca Life World has limitless possibilities for children to boost their minds by doing some strategic tasks.

Despite this fact, there are some more vibrant and open-ended games for children that can be a great alternative to Toca Life World for children. Here I’m going to discuss some great educational and strategic games for children to enjoy and boost their creativity.

Dr. Panda Town: A Playful and Educational Virtual Playground for Kids

Dr. Panda Town is another delightful bust of creativity for young minds to explore. In this virtual world, children can explore an exciting town filled with friendly characters, exciting locations, and interactive objects. Let’s dive into the details of this charming Android game.

Dr. Panda Town - ( - alternatives to Toca Life World


  • Developer: Dr. Panda Ltd
  • Release Date: January 1, 2019
  • Skill Rating: Suitable for 2+ year-olds
  • Players: Single-player
  • Genres: Narrative, Role-Play (Action and Simulation)
  • Accessibility: No specific accessibility features documented

Dr Panda Town offers many locations to visit from streets to cozy houses where players can interact with other friendly characters and objects. Choose from up to 16 adorable characters, including kids, pandas, cats, hippos, and more. Each character has unique interactions and stories. Interact with different objects to see how they react.

Dr. Panda Town stands out for its appealing graphics. The colorful visuals and charismatic characters make the game visually attractive. Hundreds of objects are waiting for exploration, encouraging creativity and curiosity.

LEGO Tower: Build Your Own Skyscraper

LEGO Tower invites young minds to show their creativity in building, operating, managing, and developing their own skyscraper. If you are an architect and love construction, LEGO Tower awaits your creativity.

LEGO Tower(


  • Developer: NimbleBit LLC
  • Release Date: Available now
  • Skill Rating: Suitable for all ages
  • Players: Single-player
  • Genres: Simulation, Management, Tycoon
  • Accessibility: No specific accessibility features documented

In LEGO Tower, you have to construct a wide range of apartments and businesses within your tower. Residents will live, work, and play in your creation. Help your friends and trade with them to support them in building their towers. From Diner Waitress to Ninja, Nurse to Pop Star, uncover special hidden characters as you progress.

LEGO Tower combines management, creativity, and the magic of LEGO bricks. Whether you’re stacking bricks to the sky or creating cozy apartments, the possibilities are limitless.

Sago Mini World: Perfect App for Preschoolers

Another great alternative to Toca Life World is Sago mini World. It is a delightful game that invites young adventurers to explore, create, and play alongside their favorite Sago Mini characters. With over 40 award-winning games, this kid-friendly wonderland is full of imagination, promotes emotional intelligence, and encourages creative problem-solving.

Sago Mini World - (


  • Developer: Play Piknik
  • Release Date: Available Now
  • Skill Rating: Suitable for 3+ year-olds
  • Players: Single-player
  • Genres: Educational, Casual

Discover hours of creative, interactive play with 40+ award-winning games in one app! Little ones aged 2-5 build, create, and pretend with thoughtfully designed games that spark curiosity.

Winner of a Parents’ Choice Gold Award, Webby’s Nomination, Academics’ Choice Smart Media Award, Kidscreen Award, and a W3 Mobile App Design Award. Featured in the New York Times, Guardian, and USA Today.

Hill Climb Racing

Hill Climb Racing is another great app for children who enjoy fun and engaging games. Unlike Toca Boca World, which focuses on creativity and storytelling, Hill Climb Racing is a physics-based driving game where kids can control various vehicles to navigate challenging terrains.

Hill Climb Racing

It encourages problem solving and fine motor skills as players figure out the best ways to keep their vehicles balanced and avoid obstacles. With its simple controls and colorful graphics, Hill Climb Racing offers a different kind of entertainment that can keep kids engaged and entertained.

Pepi Super Stores: Shopping Adventure For Kids

Pepi Super Stores invites young explorers and their parents to step into an animated world of creativity, play, and discovery. Whether you’re designing fashionable outfits, managing a restaurant, or exploring hidden corners of a mega supermarket, this delightful game offers endless fun.

Pepi Super Stores-(


  • Developer: Pepi Play
  • Release Date: Available now
  • Skill Rating: Suitable for ages 3 and up
  • Players: Single-player
  • Genres: Simulation, Casual, Educational
  • Accessibility: No specific accessibility features documented

Players can explore various shops, each with its unique theme and activities. From clothing boutiques to hair salons, there’s something for everyone. Every corner of the supermarket hides mini-scenes waiting to be staged. Be a customer, a shop manager, or even a cook!

My Town World: Interactive Dollhouse Adventures

My Town World is a beautiful dollhouse game that brings together all your favorite My Town and My City games into one colossal universe. Explore a mega town where every corner holds a new adventure, where creativity knows no limits, and where you can roleplay any character you like.

My Town World-(


  • Developer: My Town Games Ltd
  • Release Date: Available now
  • Skill Rating: Teacher Approved for Everyone
  • Players: Single-player
  • Genres: Role-Playing, Open World
  • Accessibility: No specific accessibility features documented

This game is the biggest dollhouse in the world. Explore a mega town and unlock all My Town and My City games and playhouses! Create and play city life stories without rules. Roleplay as any My Town and My City game characters you like and create the world by adding the playhouses you want.

Discover all My Town and My City games in ONE PLACE! Go anywhere you like and explore a mega town. Visit all playhouses and roleplay with more than 100+ characters! Get a new doll house every month to your doll house collection!


These are some top alternatives to Toca Life World for young minds. Each of them has a different creativity style but has unique characters too. You can install any of these games from the Google Play Store. If you are looking to play any other games other than Toca Life World, feel free to explore any of the given alternatives and enjoy endless creativity and exploration.

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